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A nap ábrája

A hosszú távú árazás (ciklikusan kiigazított, inflációval korrigált eredményekkel számított P/E) alapján a feltörekvő piaci és európai részvénypiacok jóval olcsóbbak, mint az USA részvénypiaca. forrás:…

Interview with Jean-Claude Trichet

Trichet 51286Jean-Claude Trichet is a French civil servant who was the president of the European Central Bank, a position he held from 2003 to 2011. He says the Hungarian government and the Hungarian National Bank should act separately. He thinks Hungary should join the euro zone if all of the political parties agree on it.  According to Trichet Euro as a currency is not and never was in danger. But the situation of euro zone is questionable because of the difficulties of the member states.